Dorothy Potash Books

Dorothy Potash is married with two boys, and lives in Wayne, PA.  She has been writing books for children since 1993. Many of her recent books help to support causes that are important to her and to her family.  Dorothy fell in love with sea turtles while watching a show about  hatchlings,  and wanted to learn more.  After researching them in depth, Dorothy was inspired, and thus wrote and illustrated Adelita to educate and encourage others to do something to help save the sea turtles.  Adelita was published in 2018.  

‚ÄčIn 2016, Dorothy wrote and illustrated The Mouse Who Could Not Find Sleep, a charming bed time story about a little mouse who never wants to go to bed for fear of missing out.   Profits from sales go to select organizations who support children and their families in their fight against childhood cancers. 

In 2013 Dorothy wrote and illustrated, Sam and Me, published by Author House. Sam and Me is a story about the special bond that exists between two young brothers. The story explores how that bond is impacted when one brother has special needs.  

In 1993, Dorothy had her first book published, The Tale of Ned and His Nose, illustrated by Thomas Sperling, published by Wonder Well Publishing, (Spanish version) El Cuento de Ned y su Nariz.  

About Dorothy Potash